Program & Conditions



15th Foto Ex Tempore








04 – 06 October 2019.


The project has been envisaged as a cultural and tourist event valuing the artistic notion of photography. The project foundation was built on the meaning of the Latin phrase ex tempore (out of the moment). Several dozen photographers from all over the world come to Novigrad every year, which is the base of the event. Participants come exclusively upon invitation and with prior notice.

The organizer takes care of the possibility of working on computers and printing photos for the exhibition. After shooting, the participants will select their most successful photographs which will be printed on the last day of the event then exhibited on signboards, graded by the jury of experts and the public present (vox populi) and voted on online. Best rated photographs will be awarded the same day.


Topic 2019 – Istrian multiculturalism


Centuries-old multiculturalism is something that Istria is proud of, and for this reason, it is the topic of this year’s Foto ex tempore.

Organizer: Italian Community Novigrad
Co-organizer: Association of Photographers of Istria
Sponsors:  Istria County, the town of Novigrad – Cittanova, Unione Italiana,
Tourist Board of Novigrad
– Cittanova, Trieste National University
Event director:  Miranda Legović

Program – Foto ex tempore 2019

Friday, o4 October 

  • 10 am – 3 pm – the arrival of photographers in Novigrad and registration of participants at the information desk
  • 4 pm – 6.30 pm – photo shooting on this year’s topic: Istrian multiculturalism (with models)
  • 7.30 pm – opening of the photo exhibition of the Croatian Photographic Center from the first competition for the best portrait,
    entitled “Portrait 2019”, at the Italian Community Center Novigrad

Saturday, 05 October

  • 8 am – 10 am – registration of participants at the information desk
  • 10 am – 2 pm – photo shooting on this year’s topic: Istrian multiculturalism (with models)
  • 2 pm – 5 pm – photo processing
  • 2 pm – 6 pm – submitting selected photos for print and exhibition
  • 7.30 pm – opening of the photo exhibition by young Swedish author Nadja Brecevic, entitled
    “Sorry mom, but it looks so sharp” at the Agata gallery in Novigrad
  • 8 pm – photographers socializing in the evening with entertainment and dinner, at the Italian Community Center Novigrad

Sunday, 06 October

  • 9.30 am – projection at the Italian Community Center Novigrad, by which Ursa Valic presents the project “Multivision”
    of APIS Institute
  • 10 am – opening of the exhibition of the works by Foto Ex Tempore participants and judging, at Giovanni Rusgnach Park
    next to the Italian Community Center Novigrad (the exhibition will be open until 6 pm)
  • 10 am – 12 pm (noon) – vox populi and Internet voting
  • 12 pm (noon) – announcement of the best works and award ceremony, at the Italian Community Center Novigrad


NOTE: the organiser reserves the right to change the schedule of the program. All possible additional content and changes of this year’s event will be promptly posted on this page.

Competition rules on Foto Ex Tempore

Photographers arrive only upon the invitation sent by the organizer. Participants are expected to arrive on Friday 04 October 2019 (to the work-registration area of the Italian Community Novigrad). Directions to the registration area, located at Mlinska ulica 4b, will be posted.


Competitors pay participation fee in the amount of 20€ or 150.00 kn. It must be paid in advance to the following account number.

Note: participants from other countries will pay their participation fee upon their arrival and registration at the work-registration area.

IBAN: HR59 2380 0061 1200 0290 9
Zajednica Talijana Novigrad – Italian Community Novigrad

During the payment transaction, the following must be stated:
Participant’s name and surname
Recipient of payment: Zajednica Talijana Novigrad (Italian Community Novigrad)
Purpose of payment: participation fee – FET
Date of payment.

Having paid the participation fee and filling out the application form, your place at Photo Ex Tempore has been reserved.

Organizator sa sponzorima snosi troškove:
– ispisa fotografija za izložbu
– mogućnost rada na računalima
– subota – večernja degustacija
– nagrade

The organizer and sponsors will bear all of the following costs:
– photo printing for the exhibition
– work on the computer
– Saturday – dinner
– prizes



Photographers are asked to book their own accommodation to avoid misunderstandings or the possibility of inadequate accommodation. We can assist you with finding suitable accommodation much faster by offering the below itemized links to hotels, agencies or camps websites. apartmants Al Porto i Rivarella

Villa Radovan



The organizer retains the right of publishing photographs primarily for the purpose of promoting the event, organizing Photo Ex Tempore exhibitions and the artistic catalogue with authors’ names. Awarded photographs are considered purchased. Their authors shall sign them upon publication. Authors may publish their awarded photographs stating the reference of the location and the event where they were awarded.



This year, we determined the next topic for the competition:

Topic 2019 – Istrian multiculturalism

Four photographs can be submitted for the final exhibition (competition).



Despite the possibility of computer work on our work premises, own computers are desirable, if possible, for achieving better quality and undisturbed work. Photoshop is allowed except editing.



Your daily schedule, which you will be given upon your arrival at our registration area, will state the time period for submitting taken photographs as well as the format for saving the photos for printing.
We ask the participants to respect deadlines for the submission of their work, otherwise, their photographs will not be printed on time.



Awards are sponsored, photographic and tourist. The organizer does not assume any responsibility and delivery cost for the awards. Awarded photographers must personally accept their awards or organize their transport.

Application for Foto eX tempore