Project – Foto Ex Tempore 2017



The Italian Community Novigrad is announcing:

a COMPETITION for participation in the following event


Novigrad, 27 – 30 September 2017

The project has been envisaged as a cultural and tourist event valuing the artistic notion of photography. The project foundation was built on the meaning of the Latin phrase ex tempore (out of the moment). Some eighty photographers from all around the world come every year in late September and spend several days in Novigrad, which serves as the event base. Participants are invited and announce their arrival. We organize trips from Novigrad to all parts of Istria where the participants take photographs on the given subject.

The organizer shall provide for the possibility of computer work and photograph printing for the exhibition. After two days of shooting, the participants will select three of their most successful photographs which, on the third day of their stay in Novigrad, will be printed out, exhibited on signboards, graded by the jury of experts and the public present (vox populi) and voted on online. Best rated photographs will be awarded later in the evening.


1. Istrian village – rural household

2. A film point-of-view shot of Novigrad

Istrian village – rural household

Istrian village has become almost completely extinct following a strong development of tourism in the peninsula hinterland. Your creative activities will help us maintain the memory of an Istrian village as it once was. You will be given an opportunity to experience a life of rural households which have agreed to allow taking photos to small groups of photographers.

A film point-of-view shot of Novigrad

This topic was developed in cooperation with the Istrian Film Commission with an aim to store signature photographs in the archive and make Novigrad, with its attractive motifs, a part of numerous existing film destinations.

The Istrian Film Commission is a member of European Film Commissions. The main objective of this organization is to create a network of the most active European Film Commissions and to exchange member information, encourage a development of finding filming locations as well as shooting possibilities, and organize expert and educational activities for their members. In addition, the European Film Commission Network is also engaged in the promotion of activities undertaken by public institutions, the European Union and the film industry in general; it is in charge of EU funded projects, supports film industry, organizes seminars and conferences, as well as analyzes and meets the needs of film and TV producers.


The organizers are expecting a good turnout of authors to this prestigious photography event!

Looking forward to our meeting!

Miranda Legović, project initiator, producer and organizer

Organizer: Italian Community Novigrad

Co-organizer: Association of Photographers of Istria

Sponsors: Istria County, the town of Novigrad – Cittanova, Unione Italiana, Tourist Board of Novigrad – Cittanova.

Event director: Miranda Legović