Project – Foto Ex Tempore 2016



The Italian Community Novigrad is announcing:

a COMPETITION for participation in the following event

Novigrad, 29 September 1 October 2016

The project has been envisaged as a cultural and tourist event valuing artistic notion of photography. The project foundation was built on the meaning of the Latin phrase ex tempore (out of the moment). Some eighty photographers from all round the world come every year in late September and spend several days in Novigrad, which serves as the event base. Participants are invited and announce their arrival. We organize trips from Novigrad to all parts of Istria where the participants take photographs on the given subject.

The organizer shall provide for the possibility of computer work and photograph printing for the exhibition. After two days of shooting, the participants will select three of their most successful photographs which, on the third day of their stay in Novigrad, will be printed out, exhibited on signboards, graded by the jury of experts and the public present (vox populi) and voted on online. Best rated photographs will be awarded later in the evening.

1.  Istrian Railway
2. Artistic tourist photograph of Novigrad


 Istrian Railway

Slika zaslona 2016-08-11 u 01.18.50

With this topic we are joining the celebration of the 140th anniversary of the Istrian Railway as well as numerous attempts made by our County to point out the need for railroad modernization. We have built fast roads, have a good connection with the world by planes, but we have forgotten to observe that Europe, which we are a part of, is also connected by the railroad. While trains go at speeds of 300 km an hour worldwide, we have remained in the era of the Austro­Hungarian Empire. I believe these very motives will prove to be very attractive to our photographers, as West Europe can see them only in museums. In our organization, photographers will be able to see and take photos of all railway aspects, from the train ride to the visit to railway stations.


Artistic tourist photograph of Novigrad

Slika zaslona 2016-08-11 u 01.19.08


In agreement with the Tourist Board of Novigrad ­ Cittanova, this topic sets the challenge to our participants as this is the very area where the thin line between the commercial and artistic photography can easily be crossed.


As a specialty this year is the lecture and workshop on the selfie photographs.
Never in history the camera and recording images were more accessible to the masses than it is today and with thus it has developed a culture of presenting ourselves through the portrait which is now popularly known as “a selfie“. There are various forms of “a selfie” or “Sebičhow we translate it into Croatian. Many sociological and psychological studies warn of the harmfulness, and assert that such behavior cause addiction and narcissism. 
We would like to use this opportunity and with the workshop “a selfiephotographs to point out the harmfulness and benefits of such photographs, and invite young people to join the photographers and with them come up with the most creative and humorous selfies that will use the popular trend in the creative educational environment, and perhaps learn something about the quality and shooting mode from experienced professional photographers. 
The workshop will include a short lecture about the selfie photographs, and then the photographers along with Novigrad citizens will go in search of the most creative and humorous selfies. 

The organizers are expecting a good turnout of authors to this prestigious photography event!

Looking forward to our meeting!

Miranda Legović, project initiator, producer and organizer
Organizer: Italian Community Novigrad
Co-organizer: Association of Photographers of Istria
Sponsors: Istria County, the town of Novigrad – Cittanova, Unione Italiana, Tourist Board of Novigrad – Cittanova.
Event director: Miranda Legović


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